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Heating Oil - Boilers - Furnaces - Burners - Hot Water Heaters - Oil Tanks


Heating Oil

Town & Country supplies all its customers with HeatForce Premium Heating Oil - at no extra charge! HeatForce is treated with special additives that have a proven record of high performance. HeatForce has many benefits, including:
  • Protecting your heating system: HeatForce reduces the need for unscheduled service calls or no-heat situations
  • Protecting your oil tank: It reduces the harmful effects of corrosion and sludge formation
  • Protecting the environment: Enables a well-tuned burner to stay clean and reduces the emissions that come from a misadjusted burner

HeatForce Premium Heating Oil will also help to extend the equipment life of your boiler or furnace!

HeatForce contains the following additives:
  • Detergents to keep your heating equipment clean
  • Dispersants to prevent harmful sludge from forming in the fuel tank
  • Corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust from forming in the tank

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Modern oil-fired boilers are extremely energy efficient, and make more heat by burning less fuel because of new burner technologies. Town & Country is proud to be able to offer highly-efficient boilers from trusted brands such as Buderus, Weil-McLain and Smith.

  • buderusBuderus - With clean combustion, extremely high efficiency, and a long life, a Buderus boiler will bring guaranteed reliable heating to your home. With Buderus you can rely on the latest combustion technologies ... as well as having a boiler that has a high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) and is EnergyStar compliant.

  • weil mclainWeil-McLain - Weil-McLain boilers are made of cast iron for efficiency, durability and long life. It's not uncommon for a Weil-McLain boiler to last over 35 years. Easy to install, easy to service, and easy to clean, you are guaranteed Weil-McLain quality!

  • smith cast ironSmith - Smith Cast Iron Boilers are known throughout North America for their rugged reliability, operating efficiencies, and longevity. All Smith boilers are in compliance with A.S.M.E. standards for safety ... with capacity and efficiency ratings independently I·B·R certified by Hydronics Institute of GAMA.

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Today's oil furnaces have efficiency ratings of 90 percent and over (compared to older furnaces with efficiency ratings of 65 percent and below)! Modern oil-fired furnaces include the newest innovations, such as low-mass combustion chambers and highly developed heat exchangers which, when paired together, contribute to efficient heat transfer. High-pressure flame retention burners and solid-state or microprocessor-based controls both result in dependable furnace operation, and clean, satisfying warmth.

Town & Country sells and installs furnaces from Thermo Pride and Hallmark.

  • thermo prideThermo Pride - When you compute the benefits of today's oil fired furnaces: comfort, proven performance, reliability, serviceability, quality construction and high operating efficiencies, the answer adds up to Thermo Pride!

  • hallmarkHallmark - A Hallmark furnace delivers the finest quality and engineering innovations available in a warm air furnace. A Hallmark furnace is one of the most serviceable units and provides the ultimate in comfort, performance and reliability.

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The newest burners for Oilheat systems are cleaner, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than ever before! We sell burners from Riello, Beckett and Carlin.

  • rielloRiello - High-efficiency Riello 40-Series oil-fired burners not only deliver low energy consumption and quiet, worry-free performance, they're the most reliable combustion technology on the market. And Riello 40-Series oil burners offer a host of advanced features to eliminate heat loss and enhance efficiency.

  • beckettBeckett - When you buy a Beckett product, you benefit from more than 60 years of experience in the oil heating industry. Beckett quality and endurance have been tested all around the world. With Beckett, you're guaranteed exceptional quality and trouble-free operation for years to come.

  • carlinCarlin - Carlin has been a leader in the Oilheat industry and pioneered many important technological advancements in burners, controls, and ignitors. Proven for years in the field and in extensive boiler and furnace testing, Carlin burners will meet your home heating needs.

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Hot Water Heaters

Oil-fired hot water heaters produce a virtually unlimited supply of domestic hot water in a home. An indirect water heater uses your home's boiler or furnace to also heat your water supply by circulating water through a heat exchanger in the boiler. With a direct-fired water heater, the water is heated directly by the heat of the oil flame. Oil-fired water heaters can heat large amounts of hot water quickly because they have high recovery rates.

Town & Country offers water heaters from many trusted names in the industry.

  • bradford whiteBradford White - Bradford White's Aero® Series selection of residential oil-powered water heaters provides exceptional recovery rates, energy savings and a clean, reliable performance. Aero® Series residential water heaters include exceptional standard features that customers and installers can depend on.

  • bockBock - Recognized as the leader in oil-fired water heaters, Bock provides quality in construction, efficiency in performance and durability in operation. The company's patented multi-finned Turboflue® transfers more heat more quickly to the water, minimizing heat loss up the flue. This means a hotter, quicker shower; energy and water conservation; and lower bills!

  • thermo prideThermo Pride - Thermo Pride has built its reputation on handcrafted products that provide years of comfort, reliability, quiet operation and high efficiency. With Thermo Pride you can depend on hot water heaters that are designed and built better to last longer!

  • triangle tubeTriangle Tube - Triangle Tube's Phase III stainless steel indirect-fired water heaters provide continuous production of domestic hot water without the use of a coil. A Phase III water heater means safe, efficient hot water at the lowest possible operating cost!

  • buderusBuderus - Superior quality and comfort, low operating costs, ease of maintenance, and longevity are among the many outstanding features of Buderus products. Buderus' method of producing and storing domestic hot water is incredibly efficient with the super insulated design of the Buderus tanks to protect against heat loss. Buderus hot water tanks provide clean, pure, and reliable hot water comfort for many years.

  • superstorSuperStor - Years of experience in manufacturing and designing indirect systems have culminated in the development of the SuperStor Ultra Stainless Steel Water Heater. The SuperStor Ultra's high output heat exchanger is engineered to accept a higher volume of heated boiler water with minimal pressure drop, which increases the SuperStor Ultra's capability to produce large amounts of hot water.

  • everhotEverHot - EverHot tanks are made of stainless steel, which maintain hot water temperature better than conventional systems and offer exceptional long term performance. An EverHot indirect water heater is durable, reliable, and features a lifetime warranty against leakage.

  • ergomaxERGOMAX - ERGOMAX is a heat exchanger that uses thermal storage and turbulence to heat water instantaneously on demand. The ERGOMAX/boiler combination will always operate at maximum efficiency. Turbulence is also created within the ERGOMAX tank to maintain an ideal environment for heat transfer.

  • amtrolAmtrol - Amtrol's indirect oil-fired water heaters are available in a variety of sizes, from 26-gallon lowboy models to 119-gallon commercial units. All models feature maximized heat transfer technology utilizing copper, which heats up 25 times faster than stainless steel; a high performance heat exchanger; and SmartControl technology.

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Oil Tanks

With heating oil you have the ability to conveniently, and safely, store a supply of fuel that can be used whenever you need to heat your home. With underground and aboveground tanks available, you can choose a heating oil storage tank that's right for you! Today's technologically advanced oil storage tanks are made out of corrosion-resistant materials, and will last for decades. To read more about oil tanks, please click here.

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