Oil Furnace Installation in Westchester County

In Westchester County, today’s oil furnaces have efficiency ratings of 90 percent and higher, compared to older furnaces with efficiency ratings of 65 percent and lower! Modern oil-fired furnaces include the newest innovations, such as low-mass combustion chambers and highly developed heat exchangers which, when paired together, contribute to efficient heat transfer. High-pressure flame retention burners and solid-state or microprocessor-based controls both result in dependable furnace operation, and clean, satisfying warmth.

Benefits of a Town & Country Oil Furnace Installation

  • Less risk of needing emergency service
  • Total peace of mind for your whole family
  • Reduced stress of breakdown
  • Better oil efficiency
  • Higher annual fuel savings
  • No-obligation quotes and estimates

Oil Furnace Brands We Install

Town & Country sells and installs high-efficiency furnaces from Thermo Pride and Hallmark.

Thermo Pride logo

Thermo Pride

When you compute the benefits of today’s oil-fired furnaces: comfort, proven performance, reliability, serviceability, quality construction, and high operating efficiencies, the answer adds up to Thermo Pride!

Hallmark Furnaces


A Hallmark furnace delivers the finest quality and engineering innovations available in a warm air furnace. A Hallmark furnace is one of the most serviceable units and provides the ultimate in comfort, performance, and reliability.

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