Burner Tune-Ups, Service & Repairs

Westchester County homeowners and residents know that it’s important to have a furnace or boiler that works efficiently during the winter. Along with having reliable home heating for your family, having a high-efficiency unit will also help you save annually on fuel oil and repair costs. If you’d like to get your furnace or boiler’s burner checked out or fixed up, get in touch with our team, and we’ll send someone out to look at your home heating system.


Benefits of Annual Burner Service

Flexible Scheduling for Initial Tune-Up & Follow-Ups
As your trusted HVAC company, we at Town & Country Oil work hard to ensure that every service appointment, fuel delivery, and direct communication is as convenient for you as possible. Still, when the weather cools down, HVAC technicians across New York and the whole country are the busiest. Having your tune-up performed during the off-season opens up much more flexibility when scheduling, so your appointment time can be when it is most convenient for you.

More Time for Updates & Repairs

If your tune-up indicates that a repair or part replacement is needed, you’ll have plenty of time to mull it over, budget for the cost, and schedule the service long before winter. Or, if your equipment is ready for an overhaul, there will be plenty of time to replace it with a more energy-efficient system. Schedule your tune-up ahead of time so you can give yourself padding on the other end.

A Stress-Free Winter

Your family deserves the very best, and that includes having a reliable home heating oil furnace or boiler. There’s plenty to worry about when you’re getting your home ready for winter; when your heating system is ready to go, you can take comfort knowing a major component of your winter routine is already taken care of. Get in touch with us to plan your burner service today.