Oil Tank Tune-Ups, Service & Repairs

Most Westchester County homeowners trust their heating systems to work well for years on end—and with proper maintenance, they can! Do you remember to get your oil tank maintained, as well as your home heating oil boiler or furnace? Town & Country Oil Corporation is proud to provide preventative maintenance, service, and repairs for your Eastern New York’s home heating oil storage tank.


Aboveground Storage Tank Service

Wondering if your aboveground oil tank needs service? During your annual heating system tune-up and inspection, your service technician will check your aboveground tank. However, there are some signs you can watch for that may indicate you need to replace your tank.

Signs You Need a Replacement

  • Excessive water
  • Dead vegetation in the tank fill area
  • An oil scent in the basement
  • Spills or overfills around the tank or on the floor
  • Leakage from valves, gauge or piping
  • A loose fill cap or vent cap
  • Unstable legs
  • Rusting or wet spots
  • Peeling paint or excessive surface dents

If you need oil tank service, contact the team at Town & Country Oil today! Don’t wait, you may regret it.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding NY Oil Tanks

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning oil storage tanks.

  • How long do storage tanks last?
    The average heating oil storage tank lasts from 15 to 30 years.
  • When it comes to my tank, what’s the most important thing to be concerned with?
    The most important thing to be concerned with is corrosion, or rust. Corrosion occurs only if water is present, which is why it is very important to protect the inside of the tank from exposure to water. An outside tank does not have to be protected from rain (although tank enclosures are available for protection against the elements), but it should be painted, and inspected to ensure that any rusting is only on the surface.
  • What should I know about proper tank maintenance?
    It is important to have your tank inspected periodically by a professional. This can be done during your heating system tune-up performed by a Town & Country service technician. However, you can assist in proper tank maintenance of an aboveground tank outside your home by making sure that the tank is clear of debris and bushes, and that objects such as ladders and bicycles do not lean against the tank.
  • Is there a way to cover an unattractive aboveground tank?
    Yes! Attractive outdoor tank enclosures to match your home’s siding are available. These enclosures protect your tank against weather and ensure your tank a long life. Plus, they provide secondary containment in the event of an accidental tank release.